The Slope of Sassoun or Mher’s Door

Mkhitar Sebastatsi EduComplex invites you to participate in the Annual open Gathering of Sculptors 2020.


The official opening of the creative gathering

15th June 2020

The application deadline is the 13th of June, 2020.

Eligibility: The festival is open to artists, painters of professional educational institutions, technologists, teachers, lecturers, young creators, pupils, students, families from the educational complex, from Yerevan and other regions.

Materials: Sculptors can use all kinds of materials: stone, metal, wood, fresco, pool, fountain, green mounds.

The works (stone processing) will be carried out in the festival park of the EduComplex Mother School, in different studio- workshops of the educational complex: sculpture, metalworking, pottery, woodworking, painting, drawing, greenhouse-laboratory…, on the platforms chosen by the participants: in their yards, gardens and their settlements.

The theme: The works must be created on the Armenian folk epic “The Daredevils of Sassoun”.

The works will contribute to formation of the slope in the educational garden as the slope of Sassoun and the Festival Park will be completed with its Agravakar Cave.

The official closing ceremony of the Festival

On July 1st, 2020

To be held on the slope of Sassoun.

Artist Awards

The participants will be given certificates.

There will be awards for the authors of selected works.


Vighen Avetis Sculpture School of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex,

Sculptor Vighen Avetis

Coordinator: Lilit Sargsyan, e-mail:, tel. +37494460060

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